Good morning guys. Hope you’re having a great morning! My day started with off course a smoothie bowl my all time favorite haha. We have a new blender from Smeg and it’s amazingl! Super easy to use.


So today I am not feeling that well ( and the doggies neither haha ),  so the plan for the day is trying to eat good and get some rest and hope that tomorrow I can go to work again. This week I read a medical research about Colitis Ulcerosa / Crohn and it was about daily diet. Very interesting so I am giving it a try, in the past I tried lot’s of different diets to see what helps for myself. Everything to keep my intestines calm. So my daily diet looks like this at the moment: They say it very important to have a plant basis and add some fruit, nuts, seeds and sometimes some fish or full dairy. Also good to know that’s it’s important to eat a lot of pro and prebiotic food. No more candy, cookies, sugar and fast carbohydrates for me fore the next 3 months to see what will happen with my body. Super excited to go all the way with this healthy lifestyle. I will keep you posted about it. I am going to search for some good recipes. Speak you guys later, have a great day!  x

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