Good morning guys. Hope you’re having a great morning! My day started with off course a smoothie bowl my all time favorite haha. We have a new blender from Smeg and it’s amazingl! Super easy to use.


So today I am not feeling that well ( and the doggies neither haha ),  so the plan for the day is trying to eat good and get some rest and hope that tomorrow I can go to work again. This week I read a medical research about Colitis Ulcerosa / Crohn and it was about daily diet. Very interesting so I am giving it a try, in the past I tried lot’s of different diets to see what helps for myself. Everything to keep my intestines calm. So my daily diet looks like this at the moment: They say it very important to have a plant basis and add some fruit, nuts, seeds and sometimes some fish or full dairy. Also good to know that’s it’s important to eat a lot of pro and prebiotic food. No more candy, cookies, sugar and fast carbohydrates for me fore the next 3 months to see what will happen with my body. Super excited to go all the way with this healthy lifestyle. I will keep you posted about it. I am going to search for some good recipes. Speak you guys later, have a great day!  x



Good morning guys! How are you? I feel great, I can finally show you the living room we’ve been working on. It took over 2 months but it’s finally done only a few details but who cares we are really loving it! It’s the exact style we wanted I got so happy when it arrived. I think it’s my new favorite spot in the house it’s so cozy at night sitting next to the fireplace, watching tv with the doggies. If you look at the pictures you see that Mylo is really loving it haha lazy dog. For today I have nothing really planned, I was thinking about doing a quick workout that would be the first time in our home gym so yeah that will be fun! Would you guys like a video of my home workout? Lately I have been thinking to film about making my recipes and doing my home workouts. Let me know what you guys think about that! I have to go there is a smoothie bowl waiting for me haha. x



Good morning guys, today I’m going to show you my favorite home made breakfast. My all time favorite is the smoothie bowl! First thing you have to do is making your own granola and our choice goes to the chocolate variant off course haha.


Then it’s time to make the smoothie. I love to use frozen fruit like cherries, blue berries and strawberries, then add one banana, some Alpro yoghurt, oat milk and a little bit of water. You can choose any type of fruit to your own taste.


Then put the smoothie base in the bowl.


Little bit of fruit on top.


And last but defiantly not least : THE HOME MADE CHOCOLATE GRANOLA !!


Tadaaaa.. Super easy to make and it taste so delicious. Now it is time to eat this good looking breakfast and enjoy the rest of my Sunday- Relaxing do nothing day haha! Have a great day everyone ! x



Good morning guys, yeah finally weekend! Hope you all have some good plans for the weekend. Today I have to go to work and after that we are going to my parents for some sushi! Tomorrow I have something excited planned, building our home gym!!!! Can not wait untill it’s ready and of course I will show it to you. What is also really excited, Monday will our tv cabinet arrive. The photos above where taken this week when we went for lunch in Gouda with Nick, my little brother and my mom. It was a while ago since we went somewhere for lunch. And it was a must because this was the last sunny day this week before the rain arrived. So we had no choice but to enjoy some food in the sun haha. I have to go make ready for work I will speak you guys later. Have a amazing Saturday! x



Good morning ! ❤ So I am not sure if I still have muscle pain from the fitness on Wednesday or the bike ride from yesterday haha. But it felt really good to be back on the bike again, really missed it. The last photo says it all at that moment Nick said to me that on our way back he wanted to do a extra lap haha. I was not happy with that at all I always have trouble getting back on the back after a coffee/lunch stop. Anyone else with the same problem?  Today’s planning is a little bit of work, in the afternoon fitness training with Power and Shape with Danny and after that it’s just relaxing and enjoying the sun because the weather today is gonna be amazing!!! I am off to work speak you guys later, enjoy your Friday! x



Here are the first real pictures of our new dream house. The kitchen is the best part of the house! I love it when Nick is cooking and I can sit right next to him write my blog/ talk to each other or watch tv together haha! We had ideas in our head of how we wanted it but in real life it’s so much better then we thought. This week they are still working on the final details and then it’s finally done. And I am so proud of how it all comes together at the end. Can not wait to show you guys more soon. Now I am off to the gym with my mom! Wish me good luck because I still have muscle pain from last time haha. x



So yesterday was indeed a really relaxing day just no plans and sitting in the sun drinking coffee! We did a long walk with the doggies they loved it. We found a new place to walk with the doggies and it’s perfect very quiet so they can run around and we don’t have to be afraid that they suddenly go after other dogs. I have not that many plans for today only this afternoon Nick’s family comes by to check on our new house. One more excited thing this week the weather will finally be good again. Almost 22 degrees happy me over here haha! I’m off again making the house ready to shine for the family. x



Goodmorning everybody! Today I have finally a relaxing day with no plans! Maybe we’re going for some lunch or coffee today but we will see.  Lately I have been searching for some holiday destinations, there are so many nice places. Does anybody have some tips which places we just have to visit? Our preference go’s to the sun because after a winter like this we can certainly use some sun haha. That why I got a throwback with a the Italian pictures above. We had an amazing time there just road tripping through Italy and see al the nice places and off course tasting all the good food. Oh yeah almost forgot today I am gonna search for a more natural skin care products because that’s always a struggle for me with my skin. But I will tell you guys soon more about it. Have a great Saturday I’m going for my second coffee now! x



A little sneak peak of our new home before I show you guys everything. Just to be honest haha it’s a mess and I really need to clean it so that’s why I won’t show it now. Still looking for the best spots for everything like accessories and some furniture. I am so happy how it all comes together now, and how amazing is this flower piece? Show you guys more soon. I have to make some dinner now tomorrow new day and that means a new blogpost. Yeah I am back on the blog finally missed it!  Have a great night guys! x



Hello guys. Yeah this is how they looked at me when I said I’m going to make a apple pie haha. I love baking and especially sweet things like muffins, banana bread, cake and apple pie. Maybe this doesn’t surprise you guys but I am a big fan of sweets haha!


First I went for a walk with the doggies. They didn’t like it because of the rain hehe. After I started making the apple pie, I divided it over 5 baking molds. The reason why I use small cups is that my dad is really bad at  sharing apple pie! He just loves all the sweet food and can’t stop eating. So that’s why I’m making ‘normal portions’ haha.


In the afternoon I went for a quick stop by our new house. It’s almost done and we can’t wait..


Last week we looked at the last details before they start with everything in a few weeks. And of course I had to change something like every week haha. But this is really smart with the doggies. Look at the picture above, a little shower and totally loving the colour and that cute light above the sink. Believe me they are not going to love this thing at all.  Speak you guys soon. x